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Wikileaks, Data Justice and a New Internet — Heather Marsh

An interesting interview with visions which are basing on her struggle as human rights activist and the confrontation with a horrible reality and future. An interview with Julian von Bargen of York University for an academic research project in the … Weiterlesen

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Free Julian Assange, Fight embedded, corrupt Journalism!

If a state is acting on base of secrets, it’s beyond democracy. Democracy needs informations. People should know, what the states are doing. The Human Rights had been created after the knowledge of the cruel history of mass murderings, committed … Weiterlesen

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A Call For Civil Disobedience with „All Our Colors“

Written in Solidarity with the striking and protesting inhabitants of the emergency shelter in Osloer Str. This flyer circulated inside the protest and please apologize for not translating this into German, but my timeline is very short. Tomorrow, Nov. 25: … Weiterlesen

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Passporting in June — Antoine Cassar

Thank you, Antoine Cassar, for organizing this! This is a busy month for the ‘anti-passport’, with events organised by readers of the poem in different places and across different ‘genres’. An exhibition in Paris, a solidarity action with refugees in … Weiterlesen

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Solidarity with Refugee Struggle For Freedom in DGB Berlin-Brandenburg

and all people, who are making today actions against the oppression of the JobCenters in Germany ! (German below) Last Thursday 23 Non Citizens/refugees from different „Lagers“ in Germany went into the house of DGB Berlin-Brandenburg and demand solidarity from … Weiterlesen

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Lay-down & Sit In Protest Oranienplatz on Wednesday

Dear Neighbors and Inhabitants of Kreuzberg Invitation for a Lay-Down Protest on Oranienplatz Wednesday, May 21th, 4 – 7 pm Reasons: Police don’t allow people to lay down on park benches or on the floor in Kreuzberg. The district government … Weiterlesen

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The need to change the strategy of the struggle

Last week human rights activists – who are engaged in the refugee struggle too – and Fountainhead Tanz Théâtre/ Black International Cinema Berlin/ THE COLLEGIUM Forum & Television Program Berlin organized an evening of political debates in the Humboldt-University. By … Weiterlesen

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Offener Protestbrief an den Berliner Innensenator Frank Henkel

Guten Tag, Herr Henkel, Ich sehe mich durch die menschenverachtende Willkür der Polizeibehörden am Brandenburger Tor dazu genötigt, Ihnen diesen Brief zu schreiben. Denn die Polizei tut ja nur das, was „von oben“, d.h. In letzter Instanz von Ihnen als … Weiterlesen

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Keine Toleranz für Intoleranz! No Tolerance For Intolerance !

(English translation below) Lasst uns unsere Stimme gegen Rassismus, Deportationen und NATO-Kriege erheben ! Lampedusa in Berlin Die Europäische Union sowie die NATO- Staaten sind alle verantwortlich für unsere Situation. Ohne den Krieg in Libyen und ohne die katastrophale Menschenrechtslage … Weiterlesen

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The Racism In Germany Has To Stop !

The racism in our country has to stop ! This is the headline of a facebookside in solidarity with Jimmy C. And in a video report he explained in which wise he was injured in the last night of last … Weiterlesen

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